[pgsql-jp: 28037] Re: AIX&unixODBC でエラー

HIROSHI OOTA oota @ LSi.nec.co.jp
2002年 11月 20日 (水) 12:39:08 JST

gcc -Wl,-E -g -O2 -o sample sample.c -I /home/postgres/include  -L/home/postgres/lib -lodbc
# mainが未定義というのが謎ですが。

           When creating a dynamically linked executable, add all
           symbols to the dynamic symbol table.  The dynamic sym-
           bol table is the set of symbols which are visible from
           dynamic objects at run time.

           If you do not use  this  option,  the  dynamic  symbol
           table  will  normally contain only those symbols which
           are referenced by some dynamic object mentioned in the

           If  you  use  "dlopen"  to load a dynamic object which
           needs to refer back to the symbols defined by the pro-
           gram,  rather than some other dynamic object, then you
           will probably need to use this option when linking the
           program itself.

           You  can  also  use the version script to control what
           symbols should be added to the dynamic symbol table if
           the output format supports it.  See the description of
           --version-script in @ref{VERSION}.

				oota @ LSi.nec.co.jp

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