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2003年 12月 10日 (水) 10:00:42 JST


最近活躍しているNeil Conwayのドキュメントです。文面によると大学の講義に使っ

Forwarded by TANIDA Yutaka <tanida @ sra.co.jp>
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 From:    Neil Conway <neilc @ samurai.com>
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 Date:    Sat, 06 Dec 2003 18:51:49 -0500
 Subject: [HACKERS] DBMS course notes

I recently had the opportunity to take an upper-year/graduate-level
course on DBMS internals at my university. While taking that course, I
wrote some notes on course material as a study aid. I thought that
perhaps some of the people on -hackers might find the notes somewhat
useful, so Bruce was kind enough to lend me some webspace to put them

The PDF is here:


The LaTeX source is here:


The notes cover:

    - external sorting
    - various algorithms required for query evaluation (nested loops
      join, hash join, sort-merge join, aggregation via sorting,
      aggregation via hashing, etc.)
    - query optimization (System-R's algorithm)
    - concurrency control
    - crash recovery

Any improvements or additions to the docs would be very welcome (you
can send me manual corrections or patches against the LaTeX source).


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